Pop Up Stands Offer…
with a High Graphic Display!

Our pop up stands provide for a colorful addition to stores near you!
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Protecting Product Integrity with Innovative Packing:

Ever mindful of changing consumer demands, Castle Rock Vineyards offers many different types of ready-to-display pack styles. These include:

  • RPC’s (IFCO, Chep)
  • Various weight club packs
  • Corrigated (DEFOR cartons)
  • Single layer Styrofoam

Cold Storage:

Castle Rock Cooling, centrally located in Delano, California is one of the most technologically advanced cold storage facilities of its kind. This facility enables us to control the temperature of the fruit at a constant level and suppress the respiration of the fruit. Maintaining the Cold Chain ensures the quality of the fruit and prolongs the shelf life of the grapes for our customers.

Shipping Season:

The California grape season typically lasts from May to January.

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