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Solar Cooling System

As a California leader in growing sand shipping fresh grapes, Castle Rock Vineyards has made a commitment to our customers. We will continue to grow our grapes in an environmental friendly and sustainable process that protects the water and soils that we farm. Castle Rock significantly lowered our carbon footprint with our newly installed “state of the art” solar system that helps power our 280,000 square foot cold storage facility.

Recyclable Packaging

Castle Rock Vineyards takes pride in our usage of recyclable packaging material to contribute to our goal in keeping our planet green for generations to come. We also lead the industry in our attention to food safety. Our food safety practices follow some of the most stringent standards in the world to ensure that only the freshest and safest grapes reach your family’s table. At Castle Rock Vineyards we continually say “It’s all about the Flavor!” Taste the experience every time you purchase grapes grown by Castle Rock Vineyards!

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