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Growing Grapes with Expertise:

For over 20 years Castle Rock Vineyards established itself as a leader of growing and of marketing premium California Table Grapes. This has been accomplished by controlling every aspect of the growing, picking, packing, cooling and shipping of our grapes. We don’t market grapes for any outside growers, which enables us to deliver a more consistent pack to our loyal customers worldwide. Castle Rock Vineyards is committed to consistently delivering the highest quality grapes available, which results in a better eating experience for consumers, and reduced shrink at the store.

Sales and Marketing:

The Castle Rock Vineyards sales staff is located in Delano, California at the cold storage facility where they work closely with the field operations to better serve our customers needs.

  • Our sales staff prides itself on product knowledge and using the latest technology to relay information to our customers.
  • Long-term relationships are the foundation of our organization.
  • Fairness, integrity, and trust continue to be very important parts of our business philosophy.
  • As a company, Castle Rock Vineyards values personal relationships built on fairness and respect.
  • Working with friends among friends is the trust nurtures strong trade relationships abroad as well as at home.

A Commitment of Quality and Consistency:

Growing premium table grapes is our specialty. As a leading shipper of fresh fruit, Castle Rock Vineyards makes a commitment to our customers to consistently deliver the highest quality grapes available.

Location, Location, Location:

Our vineyards are located in Coachella, Arvin, Bakersfield, Delano, Ducor, Lindsay and Reedley, California. With ranches spread throughout California we are able to provide grapes to our customers from May through January.

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