2012 Coachella Harvest

2012 Coachella Harvest -

We are about to begin our 2012 Castle Rock Vineyards Grape Harvest in Coachella, CA.
Our harvest will begin with our:
SWEET flavored Flames (Red Seedless, crunchy and so sweet.),
Sugraones (Green Seedless wonderful large berries yet crisp and very sweet in flavor),
Summer Royals (Black Seedless with a flavor that you cant stop eating),
Thompsons (Green Seedless a long time favorite),
Scarlet Royals (Red Seedless one of our new varietals now grown in Coachella).

These grapes will be Packed in our NEW Stand Up bag under “THE ROCK” label. Our New flat bottom bag has added appeal to both consumer and retail merchandizing. Allowing a better display at retail for consumers to see the quality of our grapes. The “Flavor” will bring you back. Ask your retail manager where are the Castle Rock Grapes from California?